Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan sacked the only remaining acting minister of the previous government Waheed Majroh and appointed Qalandar Ebad as acting minister of public health on Tuesday, September 21.

Waheed Majroh was the only minister left from the previous government who was still on his post since the Taliban’s takeover.

The deputy minister of information and culture and spokesperson of the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid announced two acting ministers of the remaining ministries 9 deputy ministers on Tuesday, September 21.

Noordin Azizi as acting minister of industry and commerce is the second acting minister along with the Ebad.

The new appointees are again figures close to the Taliban and no woman has been seen again in the apparatus.

In the meantime, Zabiullah Mujahid said that the formalities of swearing-in have been canceled and the acting ministers have been directed to be careful in carrying out their tasks.