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Only 3 percent Afghans have proper access to internet

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3% Afghans have access to internetWorldwide, 32% of adults in 2011 reported having home Internet access, according to Gallup surveys conducted in 148 countries.  This is up from 29% in 2010 and 25% in 2009, marking the continuation of a steady uptick each year that Gallup has conducted surveys worldwide.

According to the survey report around 93% people in Sweden and Singapore have access to internet, and is followed Denmark and Holland where people have more access to internet while United States secures 23 position in providing internet connection facilities to Americans.

Based on the survey report after interviewing millions of people across the world, only 3% of the Afghan people have access to internet connection.

Omer Mansoor Ansari chief of the national information technology association of Afghanistan said, “Based on the statistics of
the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), around 1,250,000 Afghans which comprises 4.2% of the population have access to

Analysts belive that low speed and high cost are the two main reasons which discourage Afghans to have less access to internet despite the Afghan telecommunication and information technology ministry has repeatedly informed of the fibre optic technology development in the country however there has been no considerable change in internet prices in Afghanistan.

Mr. Ansari pointing towards the issues said, “One of the main issue which prevents the growht of internet network in Afghanistan is because of higher price and the Afghan government should step up efforts to reduce the internet cost so that the ordinary Afghans can have access to it.”

In the meantime Afghan telecommunication and information technology minister Amirzai Sangin said, “We have been able to bring changes in internet cost in Afghanistan during the recent two years. The internet prices will be further reduced and we are 100% sure that all Afghans will have proper access to internet with lower costs.”

Despite a considerable reduction in internet costs have been noted in Afghanistan recently however analysts are saying that the changes are not adequate and the Afghan people are expecting more changes and further practical steps in this regard.

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