December 13, 2018

Online taxi services similar to Uber launched in Kabul

By Khaama Press - Fri Jun 01 2018, 2:32 pm

A private company in Kabul has designed an application similar to provide online taxi services to the Kabul residents, similar to Uber.

The application, Buber, has been designed by the Afghan Holding Group and could be obtained from smart phones application stores, including iTunes.

The designers of the application have told VOA’s Afghanistan service that the residents of the city can use the application to request to book and call a taxi to their location.

The application could play role once fully operational considering the current security of the capital where certain people cannot travel with peace of mind.

According to the designers of the application, the users of the application and the taxi services would be able to share information regarding their travel location with their friends.

The company will obtain guarantee from the taxi drivers willing to register and provide services as part of the newly launched taxi service, the designers of the application have said.

The designers of the application of the application have also added that they are considering to standardize the fares of the services as currently there is no standard fares for the taxi services in the country.

The Uber taxi online services for the first time started operations in 2009 in San Francisco of the United States.

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  1. this article needs correction***

    there is an online taxi service its called “ZOOD” and its on the app and play store. there is no such app right now available called “Buber”.

    1. Maybe they meant Bieber, VBIED, or Bomber hahaha…

    2. Maybe they meant Bomber, VBIED or Bieber apps.! hahaha..

  2. Maybe its “Bomber” apps or VBIED apps. Lmao.

  3. @Mustafa, Nowhere in the article, it’s mentioned that it’s the only app launched for taxi service in Kabul. There is another one called Kaweyan and many more. The article says online taxi service similar to Uber launched in Kabul and it does not need correction.

  4. How i can download bubar software?
    I ned your company mobile number please.

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