President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says the ongoing war is being waged against the people and constitution of the country.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the religious scholars, youths, and other representatives of the West of Kabul city, which saw a series of deadly attacks during the recent months.

President Ghani further added that the national security of the country is facing a major threat and conspiracy which has been proved with the issues related to the West of Kabul city, emphasizing that the war is being waged against the people and constitution of Afghanistan.

According to President Ghani, the steps taken in this regard are not sufficient and the relevant authorities have been instructed that the city should be divided in four zones and the security coordination centre in the West of city will be turned into a proper security centre in the near future.

Emphasizing on the implementation of security plans in the zonal framework, President Ghani further added that joint security committees should be established based on the recommendations of the people and a mechanism should be prepared for reporting from the lower level up to the Commander-in-Chief level.

In regards to the recommendations of the supply of weapons to certain mosques and worship plaes, President Ghani instructed the relevant authorities to review the request as well as the existing security gaps in the mosques and other religious places.

He also instructed the security officials to work with the local institutions to further strengthen the security plans and present a report regarding the developments in this regard to the presidential palace.

President Ghani also urged the elders of West of Kabul to clearly mention their demands and priorities in their plans and share during the upcoming meetings.