Eisa KhanTaliban militants attacked Afghanistan’s parliament on Monday morning. The attack began with a suicide car bomb detonation at the front gate of the parliament.

Footage and photos from the area showed that insurgents were equipped with light and heavy weapons and were also having bread with them, adding to the believe that the attack was planned to take longer.

After the Vehicle-born Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) detonation at parliament’s gate, the remaining six militants started to fire at the parliament.

But it did not take longer. A hero from the Afghan National Army alone killed all six insurgents.

Eisa Khan said first an explosion took place and then the other militants started to walk in but he took the position for them.

While pointing to his position in the footage, Khan said he killed all six assailants one by one.

“I am a servant of this country and swear that Pakistan’s slaves won’t succeed from me,” Khan said in an aggressive mode.

Including women and children, five people were killed and 31 others wounded in the attack but MPs were rescued unharmed.


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