Officials of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan said that there are three million Afghan children suffering from different diseases among them one million who are malnourished.

The officials also said that there are still 700,000 Afghan women who are suffering from malnutrition along with the children.

Deputy Minister of Public Health doctor Abdul Bari Omar who was briefing journalists about the ministry’s three-month achievements said that all the hospitals and clinics have been reopened and female health workers are back to their jobs.

“All big and small clinics have been reactivated and male and female health workers are asked to return to their jobs so that they raise international aids.” Said Omar.

The Deputy Minister further said that they will soon launch capacity-building programs for male and female doctors across the country.

In the meantime, the ministry called on the international community to cooperate in containing COVID-19 and meet their pledges in this regard.

 They also asked the people to apply prevention measures of the virus.