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Omar Safi reappears in media, rejecting all allegations ‘My trip was approved’

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safi-26-may-2015Mohammad Omar Saif, the governor of Kundoz province has returned to Kabul and rejected all allegations.

Radio Azadi reported on Thursday that Safi talked to them on Wednesday saying that his trip was approved by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in advance.

Kundoz city was under Taliban control for three days but ministries of interior and defense said this morning that Afghan security forces have regained control of the city.

Omar Safi did not talk to media about his whereabouts for at least two days when people in his province were dying. Now that Taliban are on the run, he all sudden appears in the media saying that he will defend Afghanistan until ‘the last drop of his blood’.

Previous reports published on media suggested that he had fled the country to Europe. But Safi told Radio Azadi that it is not the reality.

“Unfortunately, Afghan people and politicians don’t follow reality. And they just say irresponsible things in the media that could be very dangerous. The enemy can benefit from this.” Safi is quoted by Azadi Radio as saying.

He said that he had left the provincial capital in the charge of his deputy and the police brigade commander.

Safi’s comments come as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has appointed Hamdullah Daneshi as the acting governor for Kundoz.

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  1. First of all, thank you, the brave Afghan National Army for the scarifies and the good work for defending country against the enemies of homeland!!!
    Afghanistan had in past some dark periods of war and invasions by enemies, but Afghanistan emerges always victoriously. Eventually these dark days of civil war and the terrorist intervention by the unfriendly neighboring countries will be over and definitely Afghanistan will emerge victoriously. 
    Once again these tough times for Afghan people will be over and in this process the history will  capture  accurately who are the brave and honest women and men in this country and who are the coward and crooked. 
    The Afghan people have already given the vote to what category belongs the former governor of Kunduz, Safi.


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