olomiThe Minister of Interior Noor-ul-Haq Olomi blamed both the enemies and friends for being involved in destructive activities in the country.

During a visit to northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan on Thursday, Olomi said the enemies are to blame for destructive activities and destabilizing southern parts of the country.

He said the enemies are those individuals or groups who are opposing with the constitution of the country.

But, Olomi said the friends are to blame for the destabilization and destructive activities in northern parts of the country.

According to Olomi, such individuals or groups who are favoring instability for their personal interest are involved in sparking violence and extremism in northern parts of the country.

Olomi also added that the number of the militants in each province is not comparable with the number of the security forces as they are fewer and could not be more than 100 or 200 in each province.

He said the individuals within the government are creating more problems for the Afghan national security forces and it is necessary that the individuals and the government join hands through a reconciliation in a bid to pave the way for the joining of Taliban to peace process.

Olomi criticized the Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces for operating in favor of specific groups and insisted that ALP forces are not supported by people.

He promised to bring reforms in ALP forces formation and only authorize those individuals who are supported by the people.