539wThe US President Barack Obama offered sympathy and condolence to President Hamid Karzai over Badakhshan tragedy which left scores of people dead.

Presidential Palace media office following a statement said President Barack Obama phone President Karzai on Sunday evening and offered sympathy and condolence on behalf of the American people and government to President Karzai and peopel of Afghanistan.

Obama said the government of United States is prepared to provide aid and assistance to the victims of Badakhshan tragedy.

The government of Afghanistan declared a day of national mourning for hundreds of people killed following landslide in northeastern Badakhshan province.

Around 250 to 350 people have been killed after a massive landslide buried a village in Argo district on Friday, the government officials said Saturday.

Figures on the number of people killed in the disaster varied as officials try to gather precise information from the village of Ab-e-Barek.

The estimated number of dead on Saturday has surpassed 2500 people, according the local officials. This unseen land slide was caused by flooding related to ice and snow melt.