Obama Fiscal CliffAs tensions escalated following the release of preliminary vote results, the US President Barack Obama has asked the runoff presidential candidates to allow the process for investigating fraud claims to go forward.

In an unusual intervening in a foreign election, Obama has called both the candidates and insisted that US expect fraud allegations to be thoroughly reviewed.

The White House following a statement said Obama has ured the two candidates to seek a resolution that does not undermine the fragile national unity of Afghanistan.

The statement further added, “He also noted that there is no justification for resorting to violent or extra-constitutional means, which would result in the end of U.S. assistance to Afghanistan.”

The remarks by Obama comes as the US Secretary of State also expressed grave concerns regarding the suggestion of a parallel government in Afghanistan.

The suggestion was made by a prominent and influential Afghan politician Atta Mohammad Noor who is a close ally of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and current governor of northern Balkh province.

Abdullah on Tuesday also said he will declare victory, amid calls from some of his supporters for Abdullah to form a “parallel government.”