California state in the U.S has allowed a commercial driverless delivery service for the first time.

The Nuro Plan was initiated by the robotics to start its driverless delivery operations in the next year.

Nuro was founded by two former Google engineers, the project was funded by Japanese firm Softbank, they have designed their vehicles to operate without driver or passengers in them.

R2 delivery vehicle uses radar, thermal imaging and is equipped with 360-degree cameras to direct its movement, BBC reported.

Nuro R2 vehicle does not have a steering wheel, pedals, or side mirrors as an ordinary vehicle, it is shaped like an egg and the frame is smaller than most cars in the states, but is equipped with temperature-controlled compartments for delivers.

The doors on the vehicle are raisable to reveal the delivered items inside the driverless vehicle.

Earlier in Houston, Texas R2 delivered pizza for Domino’s Pizza, delivered groceries from Kroger, and goods for Walmart.

In October 2021, driverless taxis began operating in phoenix Arizona, a similar project is being trialed in Shanghai the biggest city in China, two of the autonomous trials happening across the world.