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NPC approves 16 new contracts having a total value of 1.23 billion Afghanis


The National Procurement Commission has approved sixteen new contracts having a total value of more than one billion Afghanis.

The Office of the President in a statement said the 177th session of the National Procurement Commission was chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during which 18 contracts were reviewed.

The statement further added that the commission approved 16 of the contracts having a total value of 1.23 billion Afghanis.

Some of the key contracts approved during the meeting include construction of perimeter walls and gabions in Kas Hasan Khel and Babar Khel village of Sarobi district, construction of 4.75 kilometers of Laghman University road, printing of 1.9 million books for the Islamic Madrasas, construction of exemplary school of Qala-e-Habib Khan in Injil district of Herat, maintenance and protection of the machineries of waste water management in two phases, evacuation of the septic well and transportation of the solid wastes from the Ministry of Interior, and procurement of 28 dairy products, 2 types of fuel, 4 types of meat, 133 types of stationery, 15 types of grains for the Office of the President.

Representatives of the parliamentary economic and budgetary commissions, Integrity Watch Afghanistan, SIGAR, and RS had also participated in the meeting from the national and international observers, the statement added.



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