Kim Jong-un has reportedly prohibited citizens from laughing for an 11-day period of mourning.

A smirk, giggle or full-on laugh out loud could come with very severe consequences.

Today, December 17, marks 10 years since the death of Kim Jong Il, and in order to mark the occasion, his son, Kim Jong-un, has ruled that members of the public will be banned from laughing, drinking alcohol, or engaging in leisurely activities for a whole 11 days, according to a citizen of the country.

The period of mourning will take place over 11 days rather than the usual 10 because it’s the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death.

The resident, from the north-eastern border of Sinuiju, also noted that you can’t ‘cry out loud’ even if ‘your family member dies during the mourning period,’ and that the ‘body must be taken out after it’s over.

‘People cannot even celebrate their own birthdays if they fall within the mourning period,’ they said.

Residents are complaining that the living is forced to mourn these two people to death.