Faramarz Tamanna, a presidential candidate and son-in-law of Hawa Alam Nooristani, the chief of Independent Election Commission joins president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s electoral team, president office reported on Sunday.

A joint statement published on Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s Facebook page states that the two electoral team have coalesced to work jointly.

Faramarz Tamanna, the head of ‘Contrivance and Development’ electoral team has endorsed ‘Government Builder’ electoral team.

Faramarz Tamanna is a close ally and business partner of Amrullah Saleh, the vice-president candidate for the ‘Government Builder’ team.

Tamanna and Saleh have jointly created the ‘Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education’, a private educational institution.

Abdul Latif Pedram, another presidential candidate in a Facebook post stated that Faramarz Tamanna has endorsed President Ghani is for his personal interest.

Afghanistan presidential election held on September 28 amid security challenges with a low turn out.

Less than 2 million voters attended the September’s presidential election.

The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan had promised to announce the preliminary results twenty days after the election day.

The IEC has been unable to announce the preliminary election results in 9 weeks after election.

The ‘Stability and Convergence’ electoral team accuses IEC of favoritism and claims that IEC has counted 300K fraudulent and suspicious votes in favor of President Ghani.

Election Commission is working in the favor of ‘Government Builder’ electoral team, Mohammad Natiqi, a key member of Abdullah’s team claimed.

Through peaceful protests we demand from the electoral commissions to invalidate the 300K fraudulent votes, Natiqi said.


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