atta_mohammad_noorThe acting governor of northern Balkh province Gen. Mohammad Noor harshly criticized the possible nomination of Masoom Stanikzai as defense minister by the government of national unity.

Noor said Stanikzai is accused of being involved in a plot which led to the assassination of the former Afghan President and high peace council chief Burhanuddin Rabbani.

He warned that the government of national unity would responsible for the repercussions as a result of Stanikzai’s appointment as defense minister.

Noor insisted that Stanikzai should be sentenced to death if he was found guilty of being involved in Rabbani’s murder.

He also warned it would be difficult and impossible to prevent public furor and insisted that the government of national unity should differentiate between a compromise and weakness, national interest and inability.

According to reports, the government of national unity has reached to an agreement to introduce Masoom Stanikzai as defense minister-designate to the Lower House of the Parliament to obtain vote of confidence.