Ata Mohammad Noor, the chief executive of Jamiat-e Islami party and former governor of Balkh province, has raised questions about the consequences of presidential inauguration of Abdullah Abdullah.

Noor posted a graphic work in his official social media account earlier today which consists of a statement and Dr. Abdullah’s photograph taken from his presidential inauguration in which he kisses the holy Quran.

The statement states that ‘Nader Khan signed in holy Quran and sweared, killed Amir Habibullah Khan Kalani and some of his accomplices. Till date, the people call him (Nader Khan) a traitor.’

The statement further added that ‘Presidential inauguration and oath taking took place with the kissing of Quran in the presence of a large gathering of elites, I do not know what would the consequences be? What should we address him?’

Noor was one of the main supporters of Abdullah Abdullah during the 2014 controversial presidential elections.

However, he regretted his decision for supporting Abdullah during the elections and following the formation of government of national unity, calling him (Abdullah) a snake up the sleeve.

While having no major role during the 2019 presidential elections, Noor appeared to support the electoral team of the incumbent Ashraf Ghani and had predicted that there would be no formation like national unity government following the elections.