The Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami and former governor of Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor welcomed the announcement of ceasefire by the Taliban group.

In a statement released online after the declaration of temporary ceasefire by the Taliban, Noor said “Taliban should seize the opportunity & join the political process to help us realise the people’s wish for lasting peace in Afghanistan.”

The Taliban group announced earlier on Saturday that the leadership of the group has decided to declared ceasefire during the three days of Eid-ul-Fitr during which no attack will be carried out on Afghan forces.

The announcement by the Taliban group apparently followed the declaration of the ceasefire by the Afghan government.

Earlier on Thursday last week, President Ghani announced a ceasefire with the Taliban group and said the Afghan forces will not conduct offensive operations against the group from 27th of the holy month of Ramadan until the 5th day of Eid.

The declaration of ceasefire by the Afghan government and the Taliban group has been widely welcomed on domestic and international level as efforts are underway to end the ongoing violence through reconciliation.


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