The provincial governor of northern Balkh province and chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami Ata Mohammad Noor has accused the government of national unity of adopting a theory and approached aimed at cleansing certain ethnic groups from the political scene by sparking ethnic tensions.

In a statement in the aftermath of the leakage of controversial document of the ministry of interior, Noor said the removal of telecommunications, economy, and education ministers as well as certain ambassadors and restricting the executive authorities of certain high level government officials reveal the attempts of the government of national unity regarding the ethnic cleansing efforts.

Noor further added that the government and certain individuals close to ARG Palace have even started to discriminate among certain ethnic Pashtuns.

According to Noor, the recent document of the public order police reveals the persistent issue of discrimination and hatred in the ministry of interior besides showing the lack of competence in the leadership level.

He also added that the Jamiat-e-Islami together with ites allies will soon declare their stance regarding the conspiracies being hatched.

The ministry inerior on Moday issued a statement to clarify the government’s stance regarding a controversial letter being circulated on media.

Admitting the writing mistakes in the letter, the ministry said such perceptions are baseless that the ministry has adopted discriminatory approach while recruiting new personnel in public order police forces.

The letter being shared on social media has stated that the new personnel for the new formations of the public order police forces should be recruited from the other ethnic groups, apart from the Afghan nationals belonging to the Tajik ethnic group.


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