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No decision yet made on May 1st deadline

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Antony Blinken U.S secretary of state on Wednesday indicated that Washington has not completed its review on troops posture in Afghanistan, so far the United stated have not made any decision on May 1 deadline for the withdrawal of American troops from the country.

“We boosted diplomatic efforts in Afghanistan ahead of the May 1st deadline,” Blinken told the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

Blinken said the US wants to see progress in terms of the Taliban’s commitment to disassociate from Al-Qaeda. 

Blinken in his remarks told the house committee that the United States has boosted its diplomatic efforts in Afghanistan before the May 1st deadline.

According to Blinken America is engaged in efforts to get the warring parts to the table for a peaceful future of Afghanistan and enlisting UN and regional neighbors.  

“We’re engaged in a diplomatic effort right now to try to drive the two parties to negotiate and to move forward on the commitment that the Taliban made to the United States a year ago to negotiate meaningfully on a peaceful future for Afghanistan.”

He also indicated that Washington is enlisting other nations and “the United Nations, in that effort”, Blinken said.

Afghanistan neighbors have a real stake in Afghanistan’s future and diplomatic efforts are ongoing, blinking said “neighboring countries have a huge stake in Afghanistan not being a terrain for civil war that spills over the borders. And they have influence with various parties. So we’re engaging them”.

US secretary of state is not interested to prejudge the outcome of that review on the withdrawal process, saying that “It’s to end the conflict, bring our troops home and to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorism and an ongoing threat to the United States” and Biden’s objective and goals are very clear.

These efforts are being taken in hopes of driving the parties to negotiate for a durable and prolonged peace in Afghanistan, it is a “very tall order but one we are working on” Blinken added.

Blinking also hinted that efforts by the Biden administration are ongoing to see where this diplomatic effort goes to actually get “the parties to engage in a meaningful way’.

Taliban made other commitments “when it comes to” violence reduction and harboring and supporting terrorists, Blinken said, “we want to see them make good on those obligations”.

This comes as SIGAR in its recent high-risks risks indicated that the situation in Afghanistan will remain crucial with or without peace.

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