The Indian airstrikes against Jaish-e-Mohammad compounds in Balakot area of Pakistan have not inflicted any damage or casualties on group, it has been reported.

The Reuters news agency has reported that it has reviewed high-resolution satellite images which purportedly show that a religious school run by Jaish-e-Mohammad remained intact during the airstrikes.

According to the report, the images were produced on 4th March by Planet Labs Inc, a San Fracisco-based private satellite operator.

The image is virtually unchanged from an April 2018 satellite photo of the facility. There are no discernible holes in the roofs of buildings, no signs of scorching, blown-out walls, displaced trees around the madrasa or other signs of an aerial attack, Reuters reported.

Abdur Rasheed, a resident of the area has told Reuters that there weren’t any human casualties: “No one died. Only some pine trees died, they were cut down. A crow also died.”

Mohammad Saddique from Jaba Basic Health Unit and Zia Ul Haq, senior medical officer at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Balakot said they had seen no casualties.

This come as Indian officials had earlier claimed that dozens of Jaish-e-Mohammad members were killed and their compounds were destroyed in February 26 airstrikes.