Nimroz security chief arrested for drugs smugglingProvincial security chief for western Nimroz province of Afghanistan has been arrested by counter-narcotics police forces, over drugs smuggling charges, local officials said.

Mohammad Suroor Sebat, governor of Nimroz province confirming the report said, Mohammad Kabir Andarabi was arrested on Thursday in Kabul International Airport, while he was looking to travel to Nimroz province.

Mr. Sebat further added that special attorney general chief for counter-narcotics has also confirmed that Nimroz provincial security chief has been arreted over drugs smuggling charges.

Nimroz provincial governor did not provide further details if Mohammad Kabir was arrested with drugs in Kabul airport, but he said that that several complains were reported against him regarding drugs smuggling earlier.

Drugs production and smuggling has been one of the major challenges for the Afghan government during the past one decade, as a number of high level government officials are said to be involved behind the drugs smuggling in the country.

This comes as United Nations Office on Drugs and crime (UNODC) earlier this year announced that Afghanistan has retained its position as the lead producer and cultivator of opium globally, with 74 per cent of the world’s illicit opium production in 2012.

Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of opium, the raw ingredient in heroin, and last year provided about 75 percent of the global crop. Afghanistan’s large-scale drugs economy is another source, driver and symptom of instability.

“This illicit production and trade simultaneously funds insurgent activity and if not curtailed, threatens to undermine Afghanistan’s institutions, security and economic self-sufficiency. The global and regional consequences demand resolute and targeted action”,”UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, JánKubiš earlier this year said.