The top US commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson who is in command of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission and the US forces in Afghanistan, has vowed to maintain relentless pressure on Taliban, with an aim to persuade the group to participate in peace talks.

He made the remarks during a visit to southern Kandahar province where he was accompanied by a delegation of high level officials from Afghanistan and abroad.

Gen. Nicholson, quoted in a statement by the provincial government, said the Taliban might be considering options for the reconciliation process but he emphasized that political and military pressures will be maintained on the group until they opt peace process.

The top US commander also added that the offer by the government for reconciliation process is a good opportunity for the Taliban.

This comes as the group has so far refrained from participation in direct peace talks with the Afghan government and insists on direct talks with the US.

The group has so far refrained from any form of reconciliation process despite the Afghan government proposed that the government is prepared to recognize the group as a political movement besides making other offers to encourage the group to participate in the talks.