Beginning from this week, the newest Echo and Echo Dot speakers can use ultrasound and will be able to detect occupancy in your home and turn other connected devices on and off, like lights or your TV.

First announced at Amazon’s fall hardware event in September, the fourth-generation Echo and Echo Dot speakers can detect whether people are present in a room or not.

You can enable or disable this feature in the Alexa app, where you can also set up occupancy routines to use this new capability to do things like turn on lights when you enter a room and then off again when you leave the room.

The function is listed under Motion Detection in the Alexa app settings for each compatible Echo device, and here you can control the capability for turning it on or off.

This feature is similar to the motion-sensing newer Echo Show devices have, but those rely on their cameras to tell if there are people in the room.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.