Child injuredA newborn Afghan child got injured in a landmine explosion just few moments after he was born.

The shocking incident took place in central Ghazni province where the vehicle in which the new born child was accompanying his family ran over a landmine.

Shafaq Nang, spokesman for the acting governor of Ghazni province said that the family went to the local hospital of Andar District for delivery.

He said after the delivery when the family was returning home their vehicle ran over a landmine in Gandir Area leaving two persons killed and five others including the newborn child wounded.

Shafaq Nang added that the ones killed also included the mother of the child, the mother who probably had seen a lot of dreams with and for her baby.

Nang said that the injured were taken back to the local hospital in Andar District following the explosion where their health condition is stated to be out of danger.

No group has claimed responsibility for last night’s explosion but civilians in Andar District have been fighting against Taliban after their insurgency in their areas raised.