President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday inaugurated the new substation in Badghis province of Afghanistan.

The 110/20 kW substation was inaugurated in Qala Naw in the presence of local officials, Minister of Energy of Turkmenistan, and the Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Afghanistan.

The substation has a transformer with a capacity of 16 mega watts and is connected with the Turkmenistan electricity with the 52 kilometers of transmission line and around 7 thousand families will benefit from the substation.

In his speech after the inauguration of the substation, President Ghani said the substation will reduce the electricity cost from 40 Afghanis per kilo watt to at least 6 Afghanis.

President Ghani further added that he sees a bright future for Badghis province and said the province was one of the main routes of the Silk Route in the past and will once again become one of the modern provinces of the country with further investments, specifically on human resources.

He said the people should care for the future and should take part in elections as only transparent elections can ensure a bright future for the country.

President Ghani also added that Turkmenistan has changed its all priorities to ensure the supply of electricity to Badghis province.