The local officials in southern Farah province have confirmed that a police soldier who is being hailed as the ‘Hero Soldier’ of Farah war had lost his life in a similar attack around two months ago.

The soldier, whose pictures and capture footage has gone viral in the aftermath of Farah city attack, has been identified as Mohammad Musa by the local officials in Farah.

The officials are saying that Musa was executed by the insurgents after he was captured in an attack on Anar Dara district of Farah around two months ago.

The district administrative chief of Anar Dara Samiullah Azimi confirmed that Musa was martyred along with some other policemen after they were captured by the Taliban militants in an attack.

The footage and pictures of Musa have been circulating on social media since released by the Taliban during the Farah city attack.

The Taliban group spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid initially released the raw footage of the soldier purportedly showing his capture during an attack.

The Taliban’s move was widely condemned by the social media users while hailing the soldier as a brave hero.

The social media users harshly criticize the government and security leadership for their failure to prevent the growing instability across the country.