As Afghanistan is going through the worst humanitarian situation in decades and over half of the population needs life-saving assistance in the country, measles has spread in several provinces of Afghanistan and infected 15,900 children since the beginning of 2022.

Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said that the disease has also claimed the lives of 124 minors.

The ministry has said that most of the children have lost lives in the Afghan capital Kabul, Helmand, and Kunduz provinces while most cases of measles have been recorded in Jawzjan, Ghor, and Kunduz provinces.

It comes as the Ministry has launched a six-day vaccination drive in provinces with most cases of measles.

Unhealthy and insufficient food for children is said to be the main reason for a child getting measles. The thing that is not rare in a country where 97 percent of people are living under the poverty line.