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NDS releases photos of detained senior Haqqani leaders

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Anas Haqqani

The Afghan intelligence – national directorate of security (NDS) released the photos of top Haqqani network leaders arrested during an operation by the intelligence operatives.

A statement released by NDS said, Anis Haqani, the brother of Sirajudin Haqani and Hafiz Rashid the military commander of Haqqani network were among the senior Haqqani leaders arrested during the operation.

NDS said, “Both Anis Haqani, the brother of Sirajudin Haqani and the son of Jalaludin Haqani famous on Abdullah and Hafiz Rashid, famous commander of this network in Khost province are arrested in a special operation of NDS on 14 October 2014.”

The statement further added that Anis Haqani is one of the powerful members of Haqani Network who is arrested by National Directorate of Security (NDS). Anis was the deputy of his brother Sirajudin Haqani, the leader of Haqani Network and was playing key role in strategic decisions of this network.

“Anis Haqani has special skills in computer and was considered one of the master minds of this network in making propaganda through social networks.He was responsible for collecting and preparing funds from Arabic countries to carry out operations of this network,” NDS said.

Hafez Rashid

The statement also added that military command of Haqani Network in South Eastern Afghanistan Hafiz Rashid is the son of Mohammad Omer. He is originally from Ismailkhil district of Khost province.

“Currently, he lived in Chakwal area of Pakistan Panjab province. He was a shadow governor of this network for the Ismailkhil district of Khost province. Recently, he was appointed as a military commander of Haqani Network in south eastern provinces of Afghanistan,” the statement said, adding that “Hafiz Rashid was responsible of choosing targets and providing equipment to the suicide bombers.”

According to NDS, Hafiz Rashid was considered one of the responsible people for transferring suicide bombers from Peshawar and Waziristan to Kabul. Hafiz Rashid is 34 years old and his brother Mohammad Nabi Omer was the deputy of Jalaludin Haqani at the ministry of Borders and tribal affairs during Taliban regime.

“It is one of the biggest and important arrests by NDS and it has strategic impact on this network which can cause disorder in its operations and weakening its fighting capabilities. Yesterday also one of the commanders of Haqani Network and its five other members killed in a joint operation,” NDS said in its statement.

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