Afghan National Directorate of Security says NDS’ 02 Unit has arrested a number of Daesh operatives during a special operation conducted in eastern Nangarhar province.

The culprits were planning to target American chargé d’affaires to Kabul, Ross Wilson.

A statement issued by 02 unit of NDS indicates that conducted a special night operation in Kama district of Nangarhar on Tuesday night, as a result of which Abdul Waheed, A group’s member and coordinator in targeted killings, and further Three other suspects have been detained.

NDS said, they foiled an assassination plot against the American ambassador, the special forces unit of NDS also retrieved a Berretta Pistol, an AK7, and a shotgun from the suspects, the statement said.

Detainee Wahed, was a member and mastermind of the group’s targeted killing operations, he reportedly planned to target and assassinate the US ambassador to Afghanistan and some other senior high ranked officials in the country.

It is noteworthy, that two of Wahed’s family members were also part of the Daesh leadership in Afghanistan, both were reportedly killed in Afghan security air raids.

This comes as, prominent political activist, Ahmad Saeedi survived an assassination attempt on Tuesday, in Kabul city.

Saeedi escaped unhurt but one of his bodyguards was wounded during the shootout, Saeedi told media.

Tariq Arian, a spokesman to the Interior Ministry said, that the incident happened around 7:30 pm in the 3rd Makroryan area of Kabul city near Saeedi’s residence.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.