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NATO will handover airport security responsibilities to the Afghan army

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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Afghan Civil Aviation Authority in a statement said on Saturday that Afghanistan will soon take full responsibility for the airports.

Currently, four international airports in Afghanistan are jointly controlled by NATO and the Afghan government including the watchtowers, control towers, some fire department services and weather forecasting.

Transfer of this process to a single party was delayed in 2014 and Afghanistan was given full authority over the airspace in 2015, the aviation authority said.

“In the first months of the transitional process, Afghan forces will fully be given the control of Kandahar and Nangarhar airports said the general director of Afghan Civil Aviation Authority, Qasem Wafayezada said on Saturday.

Wafayezada also stated that this transfer is a challenge and requires additional and alternative capacities.

“The capacity building sessions will be carried out in technical sections of the airport, but maintenance towers will require practical training and further capacity building sessions”, Wafayezada said.

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