The Taliban had agreed to enter into an inter-Afghan dialogue with the Afghan government and politicians after signing a peace pact with the United States in late February 2020.

In nearly 20 weeks, no signs of progress have been noticed in the intention of the Taliban. Taliban’s violence continues on a non-stop basis, however, the Afghan government has released over 85% of the prisoners and the U.S forces have left 5 military bases as per the agreement.

Unacceptable violence levels by the Taliban cause the majority of civilian casualties, NATO office tweeted.

NATO has expressed concerns that the continuation of violence by the Taliban may harm the opportunities to reaching a peace.

Taliban must cease violence, live up to their comments and enter intra-Afghan negotiations ASAP, NATO called on the Taliban in a tweet.

This as as the UNAMA has also called on the Taliban to prioritize civilian protection and start peace talks.

The new report by UNAMA indicates that violence in Afghanistan have left 3,458 civilian casualties during first half of 2020.

According to the report, 1,282 civilians have been killed and 2,176 have been injured during the first 6 months of the year.

According to a statement published by the UNAMA along with the 2020 half-year report, UN urges all parties to end conflicts through political solutions in order to reduce civilian casualties.

UNAMA urges all parties to the conflict to strengthen their engagement with the United Nations and reminds them of their responsibility to protect civilians. Peace remains the best protection for civilians affected by armed conflict.

We call on all parties and those who can influence them to work toward political solutions to end the conflict, UNAMA added in a statement.


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