The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg strongly condemned the latest Taliban threat to media outlets in Afghanistan.

Speaking to reports ahead of NATO defense ministerial in Brussels, Stoltenberg said NATO strongly condemns any threat against any journalist.

Mr. Stoltenberg further added “It is absolutely fundamental democratic right to have freedom of press for the journalists to work, to do the work and to report and write about what they want and the way they want.”

He also added “That is really a core democratic value and democracy and the rule of law are fundamental values for NATO.”

Meanwhile, the NATO Secretary General said “You have seen that journalists have been killed in Afghanistan but also in other countries and it is extremely important to stand up for the right to report, to work, because that is so important for our efforts to strengthen democracy and the rule of law.”

The Taliban group on Monday issued new threat to media outlets in Afghanistan, demanding an immediate halt to publications of pro-government advertisements.

The group in a statement said certain media outlets are publishing advertisements aimed at disrupting the insurgency of the group.

The statement further added that the group sets a one-week deadline for the media outlets to halt publications pro-government advertisements.

The U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass also reacted to the statement of Taliban.

Ambassador Bass issued a statement on Twitter earlier today condemning the latest threats of Taliban to media.

He said “Afghanistan’s vibrant media is a testament to the gains of the last 18 years.  Journalism is not a crime, it is a valued public service to the world.”

In the meantime, the Afghan government has vowed to take all necessary precautions to ensure safety of the journalists.


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