February 09, 2018

NATO reports corruption in military contracts in Afghanistan

By Sajad - Wed Aug 15 2012, 9:35 pm

NATO officials in Afghanistan announced that several foreign nationals in Afghanistan are under the prosecution who have been accused of corruption charges and  financial misuse in military contracts.

The individuals were reportedly being investigated with the cooperation of the joint office of transparency, which was formed in the framework of the coalition forces to fight corruption in the country two years back.

The commission reported to closely monitor several army contracts which were awarded to Afghan and offshore companies since the beginning of their work.

Gen. Ricky Waddell commander of the NATO troops in joint office of the transparency said dozens of individuals have been recongized who were involved in corruption.

He told reporters in capital Kabul, Our duty in joint office of transparency in ISAF is to monitor the expenditure of the budget since it was known that foreign individuals were also involved in misuse of the budget.

Gen. Ricky Waddell said, We have investigated around $30 million worth of projects awarded to 1500 Afghan and offshore companies which resulted to suspend the activities of 100 companies and several foreign citizens including US nationals have been accused of the corruption charges.

However further details regarding the trial and assessment of the accused individuals have not been disclosed yet and it is not clear whether hight level military officials are also among those who have been charged with corruption.

Joint office of transparency consists of 10 nations including United States and United Kingdom, and is closely working in coordination with the Afghan government in a bid to reduce growing corruption in the country.

This comes as Afghan government officials including president Karzai has repeatedly accused foreign organizations for being involved in corruptions in Afghanistan.

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