May 12, 2018

NATO reaffirms support to Afghanistan amid deteriorating security situation

By Khaama Press - Thu Oct 08 2015, 3:32 pm



The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed the alliance’s support to Afghanistan amid deteriorating security situation in the country.

In a doorstep statement ahead of the NATO Defense Ministerial in Brussels, Stoltenberg, said “We will assess the situation in Afghanistan and also the need for the NATO presence based on military advice. We will assess both the security situation and also the capacities and the capabilities of the Afghan national security forces.”

He was responding to a question regarding NATO’s decision to extend the alliance’s mission in Afghanistan considering the latest developments in northern Kunduz province which led to the fall of Kunduz city.

“And based on those assessments we will make our decisions. We have not made the final decisions related to the duration of the Resolute Support Mission, nor the force levels or the geographical footprint of the Resolute Support Mission,” Stoltenberg added.

Reaffirming the alliance’s support to Afghanistan, Stoltenber, said “But what is certain is that we will continue to support the Afghans, either through the Resolute Support Mission, which is a non-combat, train-advise-and assist mission. Or with a new enduring partnership which will be a combination of a civilian led mission but also with military elements.”

He also added “So what is certain is that we will continue to support the Afghans but we are constantly assessing in what form and in what way we will do that. In addition to helping the Afghan national security forces with advice and training we will also continue to fund the Afghan national army and security forces.”

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