The NATO leaders summit held at Brussels on Monday with the participation of at least 30 heads of NATO member states.

However, the summit had a long list on its agenda, but Afghanistan issues was one of the items in the agenda, the heads of member states once again reaffirmed continued support to Afghanistan security forces post the U.S and NATO troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A declaration with 79 articles published at the end of the summit, 2 articles (18 and 19) specifically talks about Afghanistan.

“Withdrawing our troops does not mean ending our relationship with Afghanistan, we will now open a new chapter. We affirm our commitment to continue to stand with Afghanistan, its people, and its institutions in promoting security and upholding the hard-won gains of the last 20 years”, NATO has said.

Recalling our previous commitments, NATO will continue to provide training and financial support to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, including through the Afghan National Army Trust Fund, NATO has reaffirmed.

NATO will keep its Senior Civilian Representative’s Office in Kabul to remain engaged in political affairs along with other diplomatic missions.

NATO and U.S forces will leave Afghanistan before September 11.