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NATO defense ministers to reaffirm plans for post-2014 Afghan mission

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

NATOThe NATO defense ministers will reaffirm planning for the post-2014 NATO mission in Afghanistan as the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission ends by the end of the year.

US Permanent Representative to NATO, Ambassador Doug Lute, said Tuesday that the planning for the post-2014 NATO mission in Afghanistan continues, and the alliance is expected to give a general reaffirmation regarding the new mission planning during the ministerial in next two days.

Ambassador Lute said the security and political situation in Afghanistan is changing with the development of the Afghan national security forces and delay in signature of the Afghan-US security deal and NATO Status of Forces Agreement which will give a legal framework for post-2014 US and NATO mission in the country.

He said, the defense ministers will assess the impacts of the important changes on post-2014 NATO mission in the country during the ministerial.

Ambassador Lute, said the ministers will also assess the security situation in Afghanistan including the development of the Afghan national security forces, the efforts by NATO alliance and Afghan partners in bringing full fleet of capabilities for the Afghan security forces and insurgency in the country.

In the meantime, he warned that there will be no US or NATO presence in Afghanistan if the bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington, and the NATO status of forces agreement was not signed.

The draft bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington was approved by majority during the consultative Loya Jirga in November last year, however president Hamid Karzai has so far refused to sign the agreement.

A similar pact will also be signed between the Afghan government and the NATO alliance once the bilateral security agreement is signed between Kabul and Washington.

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  1. Afghanistan might as well look forward to a full USA & NATO pull out now.

    Why? The election process has been corrupted by President Hamid Karzai in first suggesting a Jirga, whatever that is…some sort of tribal group…side with a Dr. Rasoul, then hearing the Karzai brother wanting to take control of the Dr. Rasoul party so that his party could have a better result. Translation? Karzai’s older brother didn’t prepare for the election and thought his name and a fake Taliban peace deal that has no confirmation of any legitimacy, especially after President Karzai was caught falsifying an AFA Taliban attack in which they called for NATO support several weeks ago, and released 65 Taliban prisoners from a high security prison presently, making up their own version of law, side stepping the law, and then later saying it was all to make the Taliban happy to bring about “peace talks” Meanwhile real Taliban, disqualify fake Taliban twice. Both before and after some trip to Dubai.

    Now President Karzai who told all candidates not to break rules is allowing a front runner to take in Karzai’s older brother, after other Candidate Rasoul says no?

    First, why did this Dr. Rasoul not want to give his power to Brother Karzai? Probably because he wanted to become President right? Right!

    Now other front runner candidate with President Karzai’s blessing ( allegedly) is OK with allowing brother Karzai to join his group? If the front runner is a front runner, why would he need Karzai’s brother? More important what happens to rule of law going forward for new democracy every time one Presidential Candidate does not like his position and wants to better it? And what does front runner mean by saying his group is more professional and better that Karzai’s brother’s team? If it was, why would it break election law and try to grab another Presidential Candidate during primary election?

    Nothing in this makes sense other than to make the entire election corrupt and with direct help of the current government in power. What is this Election Committee which was supposedly formed to keep corrupt election behavior from occurring doing? Are they picking their butts? Seriously, does the president of Afghanistan have higher power than they do? Then why are they in existence if there is no reason for them. And why is government of USA, NATO, UN supporting all this.

    Just go to everyone involved in the corruption and tell them to behave or USA, NATO, UN will pull out. Let the country fall into civil war, or let Army create a coup and force free and fair elections. They did it in Egypt. I don’t see the problem with doing it in Afghanistan. Or the UN could do it. They are there, or are they picking their butts also?

  2. Mr Jaba,
    i would have to agree with the fact that there are widespread corruption all over the Afghan government, but it makes me laugh reading your gibberish about NATO/US leaving Afghanistan BECAUSE of the corruption.

  3. Laugh all you want. USA pulled out of Iraq same will occur there if BSA not signed. Think USA / NATO will really give Afghanistan billions of dollars with no oversight.

    The Afghanistan experiment is as good as dead.

  4. Laugh all you want. USA pulled out of Iraq same will occur there if BSA not signed. Think USA / NATO will really give Afghanistan billions of dollars with no oversight?

    The Afghanistan experiment is as good as dead.

  5. Mr. Afghan read the news and weep! :

    Building ties: Dar pushes FWO on early completion of Torkham-Jalalabad highway-

    Finance Minister stresses for early completion of projects in Afghanistan –

    Incidentally this is same finance Minister who just met with Afghan Minister about an energy project that would cost some $5 billion which they consulted to UN. UN is ready for it, with one big condition BSA must be signed.

    USA / NATO pulled out of Iraq because they failed to sign similar agreement. What makes you think they won’t pull out of Afghanistan?

    Not to worry Afghan, that was just the headline in past 5 minutes, more will come shortly. Long story short is if there is no real security, then there is no real investment. And Afghan Army just caught caught sleeping on the job. What did it cost? 21 lives. Whose to blame? Leadership not taking Taliban threat seriously, and lying about what really happened. Cost 9 jobs and probably criminal prosecution after.

    Face it Afghan, all non Afghans are running for the exits. Pity it is all because of Afghan government corruption.

  6. really the world leave the Afghanistan people in a big experiment. I hope and wish that people could reach them to voting sites on the presidential election day. and could chose a better president that could bring us out from all these problems.

  7. Haron: I hope so too. But you know current President could make change of heart and start becoming better President. I read some articles. Seems whole world waiting for USA President to mention zero option. But why now? Why not after President Karzai freed 65 Taliban from Prison? I think USA President wanted to see if President Karzai would really not meddle with this election. From articles read, President Karzai did not remain impartial, furthermore the IEC did nothing. That right there shows the Afghanistan experiment of democratic government is dead.

    In real democratic government, every vote counts, candidates running to merge with other candidates in order to get a better result show disloyalty to the entire system of government, show they not care about democracy, about the people of Afghanistan. It shows they only care to win, and at any cost. And a President of a country allowing it, even encouraging it as President Karzai has done, clearly shows he has no core values and should have never have been selected for his current leadership role.

    In reading some articles, I came to realize anew President could solve many of the problems President Karzai has created. But President Obama is not on President Karzai’s side according to bringing Taliban to peace table. That is something President Karzai is not going to get from President Obama. Furthermore, the more President Karzai delays, the more NATO bases must be shut down, decreasing ability for previous plans to become real. To me this sounds like if 100 schools were to be built with President Karzai signature last year, with Karzai signature now it might only be 37, and with new president signature, only 3.

    Best not to bite hand that feeds, and Karzai has been doing that for years. Don’t blame USA / NATO / UN for this. Blame Hamid Karzai. His actions already got $ one billion in Afghan development aid cut off for this year, 2014.

    Good Luck Haron.

  8. Haron: One in addition, I think USA does want Afghanistan to have a peace with Taliban, but time for that has run out on President Karzai’s time as President.

    New President must get to work on that after he picks who will work in which spot. And to make special point, from articles studied, what it seems Real Taliban is waiting for is for a real Afghan President to become President. I mean a real man, with real beliefs and morals. This Hamid Karzai seems to make statements for the day. His words lack conviction on which trust can be built. And with no trust, why should Real Taliban believe anything he says?

    As for all Hamid Karzai back channel talks with Taliban who were in power but now are not, that would be allot like trying to do business with USA Bush President. Bush is not in power, Obama is. Old Taliban leadership is not in power, current leadership is. Soon Hamid Karzai will not be in power, new government will be. And it is best for peace deals to be done with those who lead now if any result is to be achieved. And Hamid Karzai? He is spineless wimp! In past months he has said Taliban did not kill 21 civilians in Lebanese Restaurant, that it is someone else. This is not saying of strong leader, but a spineless nothing. Taliban took credit for it moments after it occurred. This is just one of many examples showing that Hamid Karzai can dress and wear shoes of a President but not act like one.

    That is why he continues to have problems with current Taliban. USA can do nothing about making President Hamid Karzai into the type of man Taliban will make peace deal with. And that is Hamid Karzai’s primary Taliban Peace Plan deal breaker. And this is why Hamid Karzai cures at USA to do his bidding? Again it is not wise to bite the hand that feeds.


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