December 15, 2017

NATO air strike kill or injure 13 Afghan soldiers in Logar province

By Ghanizada - Thu Mar 06 2014, 10:16 am

afghanwire9n-2-webAt least 13 Afghan national army soldiers were killed or injured following an air strike by coalition security forces in eastern Logar province of Afghanistan.

The ministry of defense of Afghanistan confirmed the report and said the incident took place in Charkh district early Thursday morning.

Gen. Zahir Azimi, spokesman for the defense ministry of Afghanistan said Thursday that the airstrike left 5 Afghan army soliders dead and 8 others injured.

Gen. Azimi further added that the incident took place around 3:30 am local time in Charkh district.

He said an investigation has been launched in this regard and further details will be disclosed soon.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said, “We can confirm that at least five Afghan National Army personnel were accidentally killed this morning during an operation in eastern Afghanistan.”

ISAF in a statement said, “An investigation is being conducted at this time to determine the circumstances that led to this unfortunate incident.”

The statement further added, “Our condolences go out to the families of the ANA soldiers who lost their lives and were wounded. We value the strong relationship with our Afghan partners, and we will determine what actions will be taken to ensure incidents like this do not happen again.”

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  1. That was odd! It actually sounded professional and like the 2 sides are actually working together for the first time in 13 years! Holy Cow!

    Now what would ruin this for all us USA people reading the headline? For Hamid Karzai to go on another public rant saying how bad NATO forces are and why he doesn’t understand why so many people have to die. To him? It’s a war! And in war sir, bad things happen to good people. How long do these things last? Until one side runs out of fighters and or cash to keep fighting.

    Where do wars last the longest? In areas of the world that are poor, where people lack education to do other things, thus creating a big problem which is known as Afghanistan. The result is several factors and levels of warriors from insurgents, to Warlords, neighborhood gangs, career killers, not to mention rapists, murderers who do it for sport, and all sorts of other people for which prisons are built for.

    Again, nice article! Only because it shows compassion, and with one side taking blame and both sides investigating to find a root cause of the problem.

    Just a early thought as to the result? An untrained AFA commander who called in an airstrike before accounting for all his men in the field.

    Or not enough radios for AFA field soldiers to call in their locations.

    Or, an insurgent force was running them down, and and would have killed more people if bombs did not get dropped when they did.

    Summary is: It had to be done to prevent more loss of life, or equipment problems which would signal a lack of funding for the AFA. That would normally be a NATO problem in not properly funding the AFA. But in this case everyone in the world knows that Hamid Karzai is holding back one of the biggest military funding bills in his country’s history.

    After successfully obtaining funds from USA in past years, he is now holding the biggest one so far back and has previously managed his government so poorly that his main benefactor pulled $1.7 billion out of his government’s annual domestic development budgets. This President sounds like the type of employer any Wall Street Wolf Banker would love to consult…for a fee.

  2. So, I think the Taliban should retire now. The USA is doing a better job of killing innocents and Afghan soldiers! This ain’t a first time!

    And then USA lectures the world on human rights etc etc. lols

    1. Well said Amna. American think that they can have a go wherever they want and then offer their apology assign a team to investigate the incedent as if this team will bring back the lost lives.. someone said that is how you protect democracy and frankly speaking they are lost here they dono what they are doing…

  3. Amna Rizvi : On that note maybe the playing field should be changed. Maybe USA should leave, but there is always a catch. If USA leaves completely, all the money leaves too. Then very quickly the exchange rate of 57.60 AFG’s to the 1 USD, which incidentally was 57 to 1 at the beginning of 2014 will jump to say 200 or 500 to one. Why? Afghan economy is completely dependent on USA because before USA came there was no Afghan economy.

    So should USA leave? In some Afghan eyes yes, but after you realize what you have gained and the thought about losing it all, maybe not? It is a hard situation to be in for sure. But who is it easier to show displeasure with? Is is USA or Taliban? USA because Taliban would chop your head off if you reacted such way about them.

    Amna Rizvi, it has been truly wonderful having this discussion. Oh and please keep this between us, but it will be a little hard for all the Presidential Candidates to promise job creation for the normal Afghans since investors have seen security fade away from Afghanistan as the foreigners have started to leave. And the thing about security is without it there is no investment, without investment there is no way for Afghanistan to join the modern world. It is a difficult situation to be in for certain. Just keep on attacking the USA Amna Rizvi. It is listening. And as you can see, you life is not getting any better is it?

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