NATO airstrike kill police and civiliansAccording to local authorities in eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan, at least four local Afghan police officers and two civilians were killed following a NATO airstrike in Deh-Yak district.

District governor Fazal Ahmad confirming the report said the incident took place around 5 pm local time on Wednesday evening at Sulaimanzai village.

He said, “A number of the Afghan local police officers were patrolling when they were attacked by NATO aircrafts, killing four police officers along with two civilians.”

Ghazni is among the volatile province in central-eastern Afghanistan where militants are actively operating in its various districts.

Afgahn and coalition forces have launched joint military operations to clear the area from the militants.

In the meantime provincial governor Fazal Sabawoon also confirmed the incident which took place on Wednesday evening. According to local authorities the police officers and civilians were mistakenly killed during the air raid.

The officials are saying that the local police officers were not in their uniform and therefore were mistakenly attacked by coalition aircrafts.

Provincial hospital officials also confirmed at least four people killed during the incident were taken to the hospital.