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NATO airstrike kill 2 senior Taliban leaders in Laghman

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Afghan and coalition forces today confirmed the death of two senior Taliban leaders, including the suspected mastermind of the August 2008 ambush which left numerous French soldiers dead and 21 wounded.

NATO-led International Security Assistance Force following a statement on Tuesday announced, The Taliban leaders, Mullah Hazrat and Shakir, were killed in a precision airstrike Sunday when Afghan and coalition forces positively identified a group of armed insurgents in Alisheng district, Laghman province, and engaged them.

The source further added, Mullah Hazrat is believed to have planned and directed the Aug. 18, 2008, ambush, 40 miles east of Kabul, which resulted in a two-day running battle between ISAF and Afghan security forces and more than 100 Taliban insurgents.

In the years since, Mullah Hazrat was promoted to serve as the Taliban leader for Alisheng district, ISAF said following the statement addign that he is believed to have ordered several attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in recent months, including the use of suicide bombers in Kabul. He also coordinated the movement of foreign insurgents from Pakistan into the country.

ISAF also said, Shakir also known as Attullah, was one of Mullah Hazrat’s associates and believed to be responsible for several ambushes and attacks throughout western Laghman. At the time of his death, Shakir was suspected of attempting to recruit foreign insurgents to rebuild his attack cell.

A post-strike assessment determined no civilian property was damaged and no civilians were harmed, ISAF confirmed.

Taliban militants group yet to comment regarding the report.

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