NASA’s Artemis mission aims to have astronauts on the moon by 2024 and plans for a permanent lunar base by the end of decade 2030.

This is going to be the first habitat ever constructed on an alien surface before the first man stepped on the moon in 1972.

A huge number of construction materials would cost the program above and will be time-consuming.

A sci-fi solution is claimed by a Texas-based company ICON by 3D printing A lunar from moon dust.

The company is working with NASA to develop a concrete material made with moon dust CNN reported.

The dust is called lunar regolith, which covers the moon’s surface, and previously astronauts found that it is sharp, abrasive, and extremely clingy, and can be stuck to anything.

If ICON is successful by printing a 3D printed construction with moon dust there would be huge supply of the material on the moon.

The project is called Olympus, named after the largest known volcano in the solar system, the design is planned to be constructed on Earth as it is cleaner, faster, and cheaper, CNN reports.

This comes as the first time in tech history a U-2 Dragon Lady assigned to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing was controlled as artificial intelligence took flight in midair. The AI algorithm, developed by Air Combat command’s U-2 Federal Laboratory.

The laboratory trained the AI to act as co-pilot and execute specific in-flight tasks, that would otherwise be done by the pilot, it is the first time artificial intelligence has been used in such a way.

Mastering the AI is seen as critical to the future of warfare, CNN quoted US Air Force officials.