Nangarhar-UniversityA group of instructors in Nangarhar University announced on Saturday of not teaching their classes until their voice is heard.

Mohammad Ajmal Sapay, leader of the teachers’ union of Nangarhar University said that the decision was made in front of all teachers today.

He said there are five reasons behind their strike, one is response on the stolen salaries of teachers, second is ensuring security of the teachers, third is the fluffiness of the promise of land for teachers, fourth is bringing positive changes in the university and fifth is solving internal issues in the university.

Sapay warned that until these issues are not resolved, teachers will come to university but will not teach.

Mohammad Tahir Enayat, head of Nangarhar University said that the decision is taken by some teachers and not all.

He added that he has sent a formal letter to the presidential palace regarding the salaries but has not received its response back.

The salaries of the teachers were stolen by unidentified gunmen on Kabul-Jalalabad highway over a month before. The amount is said to be around 15 million Afghanis.