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Nangarhar teen girl burnt alive allegedly by her brother’s wife in Tandoori oven

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tandoori ovenA teenage girl was burnt alive allegedly by her brother’s wife in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, local officials said Saturday.

The incident took place in the 2nd police district of Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of Nangarhar earlier today.

According to the police sources, the victim has been identified as Mursal who was around 15-year-old and was a student of 9th grade.

The sources further added that Mursal was thrown into the oven by her brother’s wife who used the opportunity as there was no one present in the house.

The alleged perpetrator has been arrested and is in police custody for further investigation, police sources said, adding that the woman has not confessed to the horrific crime so far.

The horrific incident has sent shockwaves across the country which comes as violence against women has been rampant across the country.

Incidents involving violence against women are not new but such incidents involving a woman committing violence against another woman has rarely been reported.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) in its report released late in November last year said “statistic of violence against women, obtained from the registered cases of violence against women during the first six months in 1394 exceeds 2579 cases.”

The report further added that figure was reported 2403 cases during the six months in 1393 which shows 7.32 percent increase in 1394, the last solar year.

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  1. Ho-Hmm!!! This article really bores  me!! This is the typical muslim depravity, barbarity, ignorance , evil, and violence that the world has been bombarded and terrorized with   for the last 1400+ years. Same tape playing  endlessly  over and over without end!  why does the world keep acting like this hatred and murder and abuse of women, females in islam is anything new???!!!! Gee, give me a break!!!!!


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