The brain surgery of a 4-year-old girl was successfully performed by doctors in Nangarhar provincial hospital, the local officials said Wednesday.

The 4-year-old Asma, originally a resident of Kunar province, was admitted in the hospital ten days ago with symptoms including lack of movement in the upper and lower parts of the body as well inability to speak and move her eyes, the provincial government media office said in a statement.

The head of neurosurgery section of the hospital said Asma was diagnosed with Right Partial SOL – Brain Tumor.

The neurosurgeon also added that the surgery was successfully performed after radiology tests and the health condition of patient is normal as she is now able to move her feet, hands, speak, and move her eyes.

The doctors are saying that Right Prtial SOL – Brain Tumor is a None Traumatic illness which increases in size as time passes, threatens the life of the patient and could even result in death if the treatment is not performed on time.