The Afghan security forces seized at least 26 various types of weapons being smuggled from Pakistan into this province, the local security officials said.

The commander of the border forces in the East Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Husain Khel said the border forces of sixth Kandak seized weapons being smuggled to Dur Baba district from Pakistan.

Gen. Hussain Khel further added that the weapons were being smuggled inside a Toyota Corolla type vehicle which was stopped during an operation by the border security forces.

According to Gen. Hussain Khel, the smuggler who was attempting to take the weapons to Nangarhar province was also arrested during the same operation.

He said two PKM machine guns, eight Ak-47s, and sixteen pistols were seized by the security forces.

Gen. Hussain Khel also said that it is yet not clear forwhat purposes the weapons were being smuggled to Nangarhar but added that an investigation is underway in this regard.