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NAI: Intra-Afghan dialogue must be conducted in the presence of media

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
Khaama Press is the leading news agency of Afghanistan with over 3 million hits a month.

In a press release, Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan stated that Afghanistan’s peace talks must be conducted in the presence of national and international media.

The statement released on Thursday said they are concerned following the Taliban has called for closed-door talks as it is not the will of people and is not acceptable to the Afghan citizens.

NAI urges that the Taliban’s statement in this matter is against the law &  public’s interest and Nai requests the international organizations, United Nations, European Union and The united states to put pressure over the Qatar government in order for them to provide journalists with the visa.

“The legitimacy of any national action comes from people’s consent, closed-door negotiations are neither legitimate and nor acceptable to the people of Afghanistan”, Nai Added.

This comes as the Afghan government has not invited the media organizations in Afghanistan to attend the Doha intra-Afghan peace dialogue, however it has selected a few numbers of journalists for accreditation which has sparked concerns among the Afghan media.

Hamdullah Arbab, spokesperson to Access to Information Commission (AIC)

Hamdullah Arbab, the spokesperson for Access to Information Commission (AIC) in a conversation with Khaama Press condemned the recent biased act by the Afghan government.

“This is totally not acceptable, the government must not be biased and they should have invited all the media through the Ministry of Peace or the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC)”, Arbab told Khaama Press.

Najia Anwari, spokesperson to Ministry of Peace

Najia Anwari, the spokesperson to the Afghanistan Ministry of Peace said in a video message that they have coordinated with the media and have sent the journalists list to Qatar embassy for the visa issuance.

Anwari was not sure whether Qatar Embassy would issue visas to journalists or not, she called on Qatar government to facilitate journalists’ presence for Doha talks.

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