The NAI Organization which supports media in Afghanistan has urged the government to prevent threats against media amid a sharp rise in threats against media outlets in the country.

NAI said in a statement that any group could threaten media under the name of Taliban if the threats against media are not prevented.

The statement further added that the situation is getting fragile media in Afghanistan with each day passing. We witnessed the murder of a journalist, closure of a local radio and resignation of two journalists due to Taliban threats.

Furthermore, NAI said the level of violence against journalists shows a reduction in first six months of the year as compared to the same period of last year but the latest Taliban threat has changed the situation.

NAI also added in its statement that the current situation has increased concerns in media society, urging the government to prioritize the security of reporters and media.

Abdul Mujib Khelwatgar, the Chief Executive of NAI said we witnessed the murder of two journalists and closure of a radio station following the Taliban threat.

Khelwatgar further added that this has increased our concerns regarding the safety of media outlets and reporters.

Furthermore, he said media outlets face serious threats in current situation and there are fears that any group would commit violence against media outlets and attribute it to Taliban.


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