An operation is underway in Kabul for the arrest of Abdul Hamid Khurasani, the leader of Nahzat-e-Islami group, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said late on Tuesday.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Interior, Abdul Hamid Khurasani is under the pursuit of the government of Afghanistan on charges of extortion, kidnapping, murder, leading criminal armed gang, drugs smuggling, spreading chaos and terror, and insulting the government officials in video and audio messages.

The statement further added that Khurasani specifically had role in smuggling illicit drugs by disguising in a convoy of mourners.

According to MoI, Khurasani had managed to escape from the pursuit of law under various pretexts.

The statement by MoI also added that the police forces had the capabilities to suppress Khurasani but avoided to use force in a bid to prevent civilian casualties.

According to MoI, Khurasani managed to escape the police siege by taking women and children as hostages to escape the police raid which was conducted for his arrest.