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Nabil release secret docs about Pakistan’s support to Afghan militants

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The former Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief, Rahmatullah Nabil has released classified documents about the support of Pakistan to the Afghan militant groups, specifically the notorious Haqqani terrorist network.

The six documents released by Nabil include formal letters by Pakistani military and the military intelligence of the country, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Nabil says the Haqqani network not only remained intact from Zarb-e-Azb operations but the Pakistani military shifted the network’s fighters, families, weapons and other equipment to safe places.

He said the Afghan and American intelligence agencies were undoubtedly aware of the move and National Directorate of Security has hundreds of classified documents of the Pakistani military regarding its support to Afghan militants.

A summary of the six letters released by Nabil is as following:


According to Nabil, the first classified document he has shared is regarding the relocation of Haqqani terrorist network commanders to Miranshah in North Waziristan as Inam Rabbani belonging to MI-422 in Peshawar formally informs Gen. Khalid the head of MI-22 regarding the move amid Zarb-e-Azb operations.

The second document is regarding the current condition of the Haqqani terrorist network as CTC in Islamabad sent a formal letter to CTC in Nowshera asking regarding the personnel and commanders of the network based in Nowshera, Mardan and Swabi.

The letter states that the central office of ISI has instructed the 945 and 935 departments to bring the Haqqani network militants to Miranshah, Tochi and Mir Ali under the escort of the military.

ISI has also instructed the relevant authorities to ensure the security of the families of the Haqqani network commanders until they reach Miranshah.

The third document is regarding a formal letter by MI in Islamabad to MI-422 regarding the arrangement of accommodation for two Taliban commanders identified as Hafiz Gulbahar and Mawlavi Hamdullah who were displaced due to operations and had shifted to Hayatabad in Peshawar.


The fourth document is regarding an attack on military airport in Hamid Karzai International Airpot in Kabul.

The letter states that ISI has hailed the individuals involved in the successful attack on the airport and instructs to offer 2.5 million Pakistani ruppees for each of the individuals involved in the attack.

The individuals involved in the attack have been identified as Haji Khalil Haqqani, Haji Hakim Woloswal, Qari Zahir Shah and Mawlavi Hakim.

The fifth document is regarding a formal letter issued by SI 945 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa instructing the Haqqani terrorist network to kidnap or assassinate the Shi’ite leaders in Herat, Kabul and Farah province of Afghanistan.

The sixth document is regarding a formal letter issued by ISI office in Quetta to IW in Islamabad and 945 in Rawalpindi regarding the visit of ISI officers from Quetta council. The visit was aimed at discussing peace talks between Afghan government and the Taliban group and what should be the conditions of the group.

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  1. This person has nothing to say more than such false statements and fake letters. He is a corrupt and incompetent NDS cheif and is only barking because his funded TTP safe heaven was destroyed by Pak Army and he can’t do anything without helplessly seeing it. This is natural reaction Mr. Nabil nobody believe you except your Northern Alliance uzbik, tajik or turks people. You can’t make fool anymore to Great Pashtune people.

    • you sound very angry. i guess that happens when the whole world just got to know what ISI is up to the truth hurts. lol

  2. The informed circles knowing for long time that Pakistan is the largest sponsor of terror in the world.

    The real question is why the international community in particular the United State of America and Europe are ignoring this fact?
    There is really no logical explanation why the international community is not taking actions against this rain of terror export from Pakistan?
    The international community took successful actions against Iran, a country, which was in violation of international norms and the rogue regime of North Korea. The sanction and isolation of Iran delivered favorable results leading to empowerment of democratic system in Iran and weakening of corrupt Mullahs.
    Indeed, today Pakistan, next to North Korea, these are the two most dangerous, and rogue states in the world. Without strong economic and diplomatic sanctions the ruling elite in Pakistan, the army and secret service will never change their approach. The Pakistani generals managed for the last four decades to receive vast amount of donation from USA, Saudi Arabia and other involved countries by being a platform for regional destabilization.
    They managed to receive money and military hardware from USA during the Afghan independent war against the invasion by communist Russia. After the Russian withdrawals Pakistan continued the destabilization efforts by supporting the international terrorist, Al Qaeda and harboring their leader such as OBL. They also use the regional terrorists, Taliban for their proxy war against Afghanistan. The USA ignored Taliban as a regional problem, however, the Pakistani and their proxy Taliban managed to kill over 2,000 US service personal an dkeep USA involved in a never ending war. It is proven that Pakistan is supporting politically, logistically, financially and militarily the terrorist and criminal Taliban for their proxy war against Afghanistan and USA. In this process the United State of America is engaged in the longest war in the history of the country, lost more than 2,000 service personal and scores of injured veterans. Such a waste of treasure for this never ending war against the Pakistani sponsored terrorist. It is amazing that Pakistan received over 7 billions of donation from US tax payers??!!
    Can somebody explain the US foreign policy toward Pakistan???


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