Thursday, March 30, 2023

Nabil and Saleh welcome execution of terrorists by Afghan government

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saleh_1971473cThe two former Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief, Amrullah Saleh and Rahmatullah Nabil have welcomed the government’s move for executing 6 terror convicts in Kabul.

The execution of the terrorists followed by a deadly attack in capital Kabul last month is widely welcomed by the Afghan people.

Saleh issued a statement following the confirmation of the execution of the convicts, thanking the government and endorsing the move as legitimate, moralist and legal right of the government.

He said several members of the Afghan National Security Forces have lost their lives in arresting the terror convicts, insisting that the implementation of law against such individuals is a national need considering several civilians and security personnel killed in terrorist activities of the convicts.

According to Saleh, the security personnel has never abandoned post unless they have been stabbed in the back politically.

Saleh called for national mobilization to boost the moral of the Afghan security forces who are fighting the militants in a sensitive period of time.

Meanwhile, Nabil said the government should act decisively against the terrorists as they do not recognize any nation, religion or humanity and the enemies of humanity, Islam and the Afghan nation.

Nabil said he is hopeful that the decision by the government to hang the terrorists will also apply on other terror convicts who have committed atrocities against the Afghan nation.

The ARG Presidential Palace issued a statement following the execution of 6 terrorists in Pul-e-Charkhi prison of Kabul today, saying President Ghani is committed to ensure justice is served and to punish those involved in terror and criminal activities.

The execution of militants follows over a week after President Ghani received a list of militants sentenced to death which followed after a deadly attack on VIP protection unit in capital Kabul last month leaving at least 64 dead and 347 others wounded.

President Ghani vowed to continue suppressing the militants following the deadly attack emphasizing that the government has done what it could do to end the violence through reconciliation.

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