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Muttaqi advocates engagement at the Regional Cooperation Initiative Meeting

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

Afghanistan hosted a Regional Cooperation Initiative meeting, bringing together representatives and ambassadors from 11 neighbouring and regional countries in Kabul.

The key topics of discussion at the meeting included fostering positive interaction between regional countries and the Taliban government, enhancing coordination in regional cooperation, developing a unified regional narrative, and collaborating to harness economic opportunities in the region.

The participating countries included India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan.

Acting Foreign Minister of Taliban Amir Khan Muttaqi emphasized that the meeting aimed to establish a “region-centric narrative” for constructive engagement between Afghanistan and its regional neighbours.

The focus of regional cooperation discussed at the meeting included exploring mutually beneficial regional pathways, building a positive narrative for engagement, enhancing soft and hard connectivity for regional economic development, and advocating for the removal of unilateral sanctions on the region and Afghanistan.

Muttaqi highlighted the Taliban’s “economy-centered foreign policy” and the positive developments in trade and transit since their takeover in August 2021.

He underscored that respecting each other’s interests, choices, government structures, and development models was crucial for fostering positive engagement.

Muttaqi pointed out that Afghanistan’s past experiences with imported plans and interventions did not lead to the desired outcomes and that Afghanistan is now a sovereign and safe country.

He also said Afghanistan seeks positive engagement and mutual interests instead of confrontation or controversy.

Afghanistan acknowledges its challenges, stemming from decades of foreign invasions, interventions, and internal conflicts, and is committed to finding solutions.

Muttaqi expressed the hope of achieving regional consensus through mechanisms like Afghanistan’s neighboring countries’ ministerial meetings and the Moscow format to address mutual interests and incentivize agreements.

Dr. Mohammad Naeem, head of the Afghan embassy in Doha, reiterated the Taliban’s commitment to fostering positive relations with regional countries and active participation in regional initiatives.

Afghanistan aims to convey its readiness to actively engage in regional efforts and build constructive relationships with neighbouring and regional nations.

The “Afghanistan Regional Cooperation Initiative” meeting commenced on Monday evening at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the Taliban’s control in Kabul.

Originally scheduled to start Monday morning, the meeting was delayed and began at 4:30 PM Kabul time.

The Taliban-controlled National Radio and Television had previously reported that the meeting was delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

This marks the first time that the Taliban has hosted a regional meeting with the participation of ambassadors and special representatives from neighbouring and regional countries in Kabul.

This meeting comes as the United Nations Secretary-General is scheduled to host the second conference on Afghanistan in Doha at the end of the month.

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